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A Ceramic Diary 2017

A Ceramic Diary was designed and created for the Created out of Mind at the Wellcome Collection Hub by Studio Senses, a group made up of Rachel Wilcock and four others. 


The work aims to raise awareness of different types of dementia to the general public and give people with dementia a voice. A Ceramic Diary was inspired by 'The Things Between Us, Living Words anthology', a book of words and poems of people experiencing Dementia, collated by Susanna Howard.

The three dimensionality of the vessels embody the words, thoughts and feelings from the Living Words anthology in a Tangible way.

A Ceramic Diary has been exhibited at 2017 London Design Festival, as part of Creative Unions exhibition and at the British Ceramics Biennial 2017, being part of the 'What Can Ceramics Do' exhibition at World of Wedgwood.

2017 wellcome-logo-black.jpg
2017 wellcome-logo-black.jpg
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